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Welcome to the website for Runed Circle!

We are a family guild that raids on the Vulak Everquest Progression Server. Our members are fun, courteous and great at playing this game. It is always about having fun and helping each other. Any Gods, Dragons or other named mobs we kill while having fun is just a by-product of our awesomeness.

If you'd like to check up on us and see what we have been up to, you can do that here.

Wondering if we are recruiting? Check out the widget to the right titled 'Recruiting'. For the moment we are recruiting on a very limited basis.

We will have videoes and images up soon. Of what, I'm not sure. Maybe some Mob kills. Maybe some members looking and being awesome.

More information about us is available on the forum. If you need to talk to an officer, look us up in game.

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Welcome to the Guild Website!

KragWarrior, Mar 8, 11 4:08 PM.
Take a look around. The forum has postings for information about the guild. The raid calendar will have information after this weekend. Check the Member's Boards for info on the vent server.

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